AVR Simulator IDE

AVR Simulator IDE 2.88

Manages and configures Atmel megaAVR and tinyAVR controllers
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Work with multiple models of microcontrollers from the Atmel megaAVR and tinyAVR lines in the graphical development environment. It features multiple tools for creating functions and program scenarios in the device architecture as well as editing or removing existing ones.

AVR Simulator IDE 1.30 is an application for microcontrollers from the Atmel megaAVR, tinyAVR product lines and mature 90S family which are bundled with emulator, assembler, disassembler, Basic compiler, and debugger.

The application features a smart AVR basic compiler which is bundled with a smart basic source editor. The memory editor tool is available for FLASH memory and EPROM data memory. It also features a stack SRAM viewer. This application can be made compatible with a high level language to access the EPROM memory, A/D converter module, SPI communication, R/C servos and interface character LCDs. The character LCD modules can be accessed using the in-built graphical LCD module simulation interface. The interface can also be used for simulation of 7-segment LED displays.

The application features an oscilloscope and supports external simulation modules. The microcontroller view gives in-depth details of all the values. The stepper motor function includes a graphical view of the simulation. The AVR compiler has features for three basic data types: 1-bit, 1-byte, 2-byte, optional 4-byte data type with 32-bit arithmetic.

AVR Simulator IDE uses real-time simulation and helps the user to debug codes for microcontrollers. It contains color themes for visuals and has many options. The real devices can be attached to serial ports and are compatible with the application. It is user-friendly with full instructions given in the application.

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